May the Forest be with you National Park Service shirt, hoodie, tank top

May the Forest be with you National Park Service hoodie

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Adrian Harrold Wood, I taught in both public and private schools. The difference Is that at a private school, bad behaviors show you the door. No questions asked. They were not obligated to keep you. And usually, there were no extra chances, no ISS. Students/parents knew what the expectations were. It is a whole different ballgame.
In public school, I often wondered if students went home and told their parents what had transpired during their academic time? Would parents complain? 24 years in public school, I never heard of any parents showing up in the office and complaining. Thank you for explaining and I don’t know what the school system did in these instances because that was confidential and no one was charged with a crime to my knowledge. Truthfully, the school system seems to be trying awfully hard. We have high poverty and a lot of needs and very few resources. I pay for my own assistant for Amos because I know that money for that service would mean another child would go without. We have a lot of issues and when we have parents bitching out teachers, it’s a problem. I think you would agree that children that are acting out need more than a hand slap- they need genuine intervention that is not a morning of suspension. However, we have so many that need so much and not enough money or people and our teachers are tired and frustrated. One teacher above said she was punched- punched by a student. A crime? Bad behavior? Acting out? A victim? A bully? I don’t know, but there is a group of students who are not being offered an education because of so many issues. Sigh.

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