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In proper English you would have said “You don’t even know the English language”. In your sentence you used “English” as a noun. That was my point. Perhaps I shouldn’t have made my reply “too hard” for you to read. Master of Puppets is Metallica’s magnum opus, period. It has every quality that makes Metallica great. All of their triumph is encompassed within those 8 or so minutes. I hate this poll. They just put my two favorite songs from my two favorite Metallica albums against each other. I really should abstain from voting on this one and let fate win. The evolution from Kill ‘Em All into Lightning was prefect. Those harmonies, the more mature writing, and confidence that Lightning portrayed was perfect. And then came Master of Puppets. Just pure perfection. This one kills me. I’m going Fade to Black, but will be happy with either outcome. I think the acoustic progressions and subject matter push my to Fade to Black slightly over Puppets. Ugh, choices are hard!

FTB is my fav Metallica song of all-time. I’m voting for it even though I know that MOP will prevail. The two best Metallica songs ever…period! Fade is my favorite Metallica song, but I recognize the greatness of Puppets. I think these should be the final 2, but I’m happy they are at least F4. I’ll vote Fade here, and then happily vote for Puppets in the finals against whoever wins the other bracket (One). Fade should win, here’s why: Master is the second in a series of musically thematic songs (Ride – Master – Justice) that has not inspired a follow-up masterpiece from Metallica. Whereas, Fade is both the original in a series (Fade – Sant. – One) that set a template AND helped spawn a second Metallica masterpiece (One). Thus, Fade has been the more influential song. Fade should win.

Fade was the first song that ever gave me “chills” when I heard it. It’s pretty rare when a song make your hair stand up. Truly my favorite of all time. Toughest choice of them all but… fade has my vote. I really love Master of Puppets, but Fade to Black is one of my favorites. Tough choice, but I’ll go with Fade to Black on this one.

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