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Wallace Stuman you don’t have freedom of speech in a private companys product. Read the policy agreement you agreed to when you signed up to use their platform. As a conservative and a constitutionalist I am appalled that you want private companies forced to associate with those they do not wish to. Yes you and I have a right to free speech, but they have a right to ban those they wish to.. kind of like that baker had the right not to bake a cake for the gay couple. David Campbell The BIG difference is that a corporation is NOT a real person. (a legal person is the shaky leg they are trying to stand on and should NEVER have been granted to them). That. That is what is not only unconstitutional, it is bizarre and insane. All the corporation has to do is what publications have always done: issue a disclaimer: the views expressed are not necessarily the views of our company…..yada.
Whereas a baker or florist or photographer *is* a person. They have a direct relationship of being asked to do something physically against their conscience. A corporation is an instrument it does not own a conscience. it is a thing. Heavens people. 1st amendment does not apply to these platforms. Crack a book please. They are not government entities limiting your speech or charging you with an offense. They are private companies who can choose what content and who can belong to their little club. If they don’t like conservatives’ content they will kick you. So graciously leave, consider making your own conservative twitter type page. Yes we all know what the 1st Amendment protects us from. However, one these entities are not privately-owned but are publicly traded entities. Second, and although not an attorney, they do sell our information to other sources and thus because they engage in free commerce across multiple state lines they should be able to be regulated by the Department of Commerce. I’m not necessarily advocating for that kind of intrusion but it is an argument to potentially be used.

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