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Cesar, I always loved that episode of the Dog Whisperer where the client you helped gifted you the painting of Daddy. It made me cry. I’m sure you have it hanging in a special spot in your home!!

  • I watched your show in a very hard period of my life, there were reruns with Daddy and Junior on NatGeo and it made me feel better. It made me rethink my own approach to problems and I realised how I can turn my emotions around so that I assert myself even though I don’t have a dog. It is strange, I know, but it helped a lot.
  •  I loved watching your show when daddy was alive, you both helped so many dogs over the years, he was a gorgeous boy with a beautiful soul, I’m sure jnr learnt a lot from him. I love what you do Cesar, you make this world a better place for both dogs and humans
  • Rest in peace Daddy you deserve it . Much, much, love for all the Canadian who knew you from Ceasar chow. We will always remember you. And thank you Ceasar for everything you do to help those poor dogs in need . Big respect.

I loved Daddy, his generous peaceful heart, his kind soul, how he could calm and teach a stressed out dog how to be cool and relaxed. He was a dog among millions, but then they all are aren’t they?

Bless him. I get very emotional about Daddy and I’m sure I’m one of thousands. The bond between you was magical and absolutely spellbinding to watch. I was going to say how lucky you were to have him but he was lucky to have you too. Never forgotten.

Daddy was an angel , he was the best dog ever junior is following in daddy foot steps. I wish I had control of my three Staffies.
Cesar you truly make the world a better place what you do for dogs and humans is amazing you have a gift from god.

Mike Tyson The Legend is back shirt, hoodie, tank top

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