Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Face Mask

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Face Mask 0

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It’s no secret the Washington Post is a left leaning biased news organization. You’re entitled to read and believe what you wish and others are entitled to do the same. Once again, as Americans it’s our 1st Amendment rights. Let it go and stop attacking people that do not agree with you. It’s not a good look. Robyn Meanor You don’t need to be a genius to be a thoughtful, well informed person. Trump is a con man and has been his whole life. From weaseling out of Vietnam to cheating on all his wives to personally disparaging anyone who disagrees with him, he is a thin skinned bully and a fake. There is a reason that Trump supporters are overall less educated than those that oppose him. You’re easy to manipulate. Trump uses fear, race baiting and lies to fool you and you’re a gullible mark. He has directly stated that he loves the uneducated. Why do you think that is? Do you think he simply loves the company of idiots? No. He loves their willingness to abandon facts and what they’re actually seeing and hearing to instead believe the narrative that he weaves for them. It’s classic cult leader mentality. And when you’re in the cult, anyone that questions the leader is the enemy. Don’t be a sucker. me either!! He’s the best President this country has ever had for exposing the corruption and theft going on. That’s why they hate him so much. They cannot control him unlike sleepy Joe who would think his name was Howdy Doody if you told him so. there’s not a person alive who hasn’t done something they wouldn’t want to be front page in the Washington Post or discussed/sensationalized on CNN…and, no doubt, have their reputation ruined by it to some extent. Are you really so different that you can throw the 1st stone at Trump and then have your actions or statements made public? I trust Trump as far as I can throw him. He has lied to the American public almost 20,000 times since being elected. Do your homework. He needs to be excised like the cancer that he is. Have a nice day.

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