Halloween It’s the most wonderful time of the year phone case

Halloween It's the most wonderful time of the year phone case 7

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I enjoyed the tour with Herr Jung twice. It is a great memory visiting Bacharach two times. We loved the quaint hotel on the train tracks and St Goar as well. How thrilled I was to go on that walk with Herr Jung in Bacharach back in 2005 and hear his stories. We were stationed close to Bacharach, lived on the “economy” enjoyed the wonderful wine and driving trips every weekend. Miss it so much.
Wish we could have stayed in Bacharach instead of St. Goar. Rhine wine is my all time favorite & I still have the little wine glasses I bought there. Yes, fond memories buddy! Great memories. On my first trip in 1998 without Paul we stayed in Bacharach. People complained about the train noise and accompanying vibrations. Didn’t bother me! We, too, took your advice and made Bacharach our first stop on our driving tour of Germany. What a charming locale! We felt like we had traveled through time to the 16th century. Because of the marvelous Rick Steve’s, we have been to the quaint and charming Bacharach several times. A private jewel, and a treasure all our own! Herr Jung, our all time favorite local guide. His talks made history come alive, some of it very personal and heart wrenching. Always ending with his whimsical humor. I haven’t been on one of your tours, but I did live in Germany for 7 years. We weren’t with the military, so we lived on the “economy”. I loved it there, and feel so happy when I see your posts! They make my days so much richer. Thank you!

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