Sewing Because Murder Is Wrong poster

Sewing Because Murder Is Wrong poster

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My son had asthma when he was younger every minute counts during an attack it can be a life or death situation. I’ve known people to die from asthma attacks. I applaud this young man he did the right thing. His mom should be very proud of him. She raised a smart caring son. We all have lost our common sense. There should be exceptions to the rules. This child used more sense than the teacher. She more afraid of her job than the child’s life. This girls Mother should contest the boys suspension. This is outrageous, this young man acted courageously and with immense compassion. This is how we want our civilization to work, Civics 101 . This school owes this young man and his mother an apology. I hope that the girls family will take action for him as well. Thank God for people like this, he is a hero and should be treated as such! Where is the common sense in the school rules and code of conduct. He took the right action under extraordinary circumstances! Beyond outrageous! Great school run by idiots!!!!! Waiting for an email, are you serious!!!!! They need to do a lot of house cleaning. The student is a Hero and did the right thing, you were raised by great parents, God Bless You All. Keep up the good work you are a true Hero !!!!!!! Thank You ! God bless this young man. This world has gone crazy when good people get punished and the evil ones get away! WTG son i am so proud of you!

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