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I get that. The suit jacket can even be a bit intimidating to some as well… particularly from poorer areas, but please tell me, in what part of the world is a tie considered uppity and not worn by the general population? in some parts of the world a suit coat and tie portray a far different image to the people than ‘suitable and professional’. In those parts of the world the tie and coat won’t be required. For most of the missions nothing will change. in Turkey wearing a white shirt and tie made us stick out like a sore thumb. Ditching the tie and unbuttoning the first button (business casual) made us blend in a lot better as business casual is a very common way to dress there. Have you traveled much? So many parts of the world and different cultures their “formal” wear is cultural attire, not shirts and ties. If the spirit can’t work without a tie than… in a number of African nations; in some South American countries; in some island cultures. Again – not overwhelming but given we are a world-wide church would it not be better to accommodate the culture if it will allow others to come into Christ? some Asian countries eg Laos. Additionally, in the Phillipines temples there is a white shirt used which is culturally significant and without a tie. which part? My comment was two fold. One that many parts of the world do not view dress the same as we do. And second. The spirit works no matter how we are dressed. What’s offensive about that? so then- and I’m not arguing- what about business dress for businesses? I know of people from Turkey who wear ties. Im not saying its a bad or good thing, I am just saying that I would have a hard time taking a young missionary seriously if he wasnt wearing a tie. Maybe that’s just a part of my training… I have a hard time with people showing up in uniform while wearing sneakers… it just strikes a chord of unprofessionalism. Again, thats just me, and my opinion.

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