My favorite Airman calls me mom flowers face mask

My favorite Airman calls me mom flowers face mask1

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Some wacko in the United States just released a statement blaming everybody other than IMPOTUS for the Virus spread in the USA which has now killed hundreds of thousands of people. Please explain to this dope that it was the “incompetence of Donald Jerk tRunp”, and nothing else, that did this mass nationwide killing! just read in the WSJ where China has what they are calling Wolf Warriors. Basically they are diplomats from China strong arming people into thinking they are innocent in the China virus”. We need to bring all of our manufactures, Technology companies and especially all of our Pharmaceutical companies back to the states. We need to show Beijing they are not in charge Of us ow the world for that matter. All other countries need to bring back their companies from China as well. What is their fault is theirs. But what is your fault is yours. All we ask is that you grow a pair and admit. Your neglect caused undue damages. Your not caring about citizens and only about reelection during this time of need. Is what is going to get you booted out. Durn the senate for not taking care of your sorry self months ago. What doesn’t make any sense is why are Americans listening to this crap, here’s the unstainable TRUTH, ours and other governments have been studying this virus, along with others, for DECADES, and they want a vaccine NOW, either your that stupid or the CAREER POLITICIANS are and you voted them in office……gun control has already begun, every single law that has been written and enacted has been against Law Abiding citizens, the only law against criminals is being repealed from almost every state and very slow to execute, is execution of criminals, GUN control is to benefit CRIMINALS and CAREER POLITICIANS,,,,,amazing just how esiely those two fit together. I say no more funding to the WHO. And the USA needs to relearn how to depend on no one but the USA. We’ve bailed the rest of the world out numerous times and this is the thanks that we get . The USA needs to take care of the citizens of this country first and then maybe we can help the citizens of friendly nations but not until we are secure first .

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