My gun isn’t a threat unless you are shirt, hoodie, tank top

My gun isn't a threat unless you are long sleeved

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Just as an observation, from someone who went to public schools, had two daughters that did the same, I’ve watched the decline of civility in the nation and see that mirrored not only in the public school system, but in all walks of life around me. I was always taught as a child to look to our police, our clergy and our leaders in government as people to trust. We have an industry now that thrives on division and chaos. They extort isolated incidents and exalt them to be more than the norm. This industry undermines the core values of our society and now is far more prevalent than it ever has been in any time in history. When did news which is just facts, have to be supported by auxiliary verbs, innuendos, unverifiable sources, padded with analysis and commentary. Why is the news on social media? The information age of 24/7/365 news surrounds us and it’s ripping us apart. In 1986 the Fairness Doctrine was removed because it was considered to have a chilling effect on our 1st amendment rights. Now the media has carte blanche. What’s great about this country, its melting pot of diversity, is being manipulated to remove any thread of unity. Jacques Barzun a French American historian wrote, “Political correctness does not legislate tolerance, it only organizes hatred.” The truth shall set you free. If we could get people to take the time to seek the truth and expect it from the biggest platform in the world, I think it would pay huge dividends in regaining civility and making us a true Untied States of America, one nation, under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Kids of all races who have behavior issues are removed from private school forthwith, usually. Then those kids end up in their public schools causing trouble there. That’s why a lot of “elite” people are more liberal thinking when it comes to race – they are sheltered from ill behaved people and are less likely to associate bad behavior with any specific group.

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