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I don’t feel fearful. I feel angry. Very very angry and frustrated. I cannot understand why the mayors of some of these cities don’t do something about it o ask for help. Trump has offered.  Trump 2020 vote out all democrats there dirty asf with no intentions to make america great all they want to do is destory are beautiful country and take away are freedoms and make USA communist

  • Yep exactly what they are trying to do and it’s not gonna work. They need to be stopped and right now. They may be sorry that they poked the bear before its over with just saying! I would be willing to bet that most veterans are not fearful in the least. I believe they are concerned, but when the time comes to defend America, they will rise and do what is needed. I feel pretty good about making this statement.
  • We don’t have a President we have Someone who wants to be a ruler. It is either his way or the highway. I think some are afraid to stand up to him. Thank God I live in the US to have an opinion? Well they are doing a good job at it. These cities are under siege and I do fear them coming to my city and the police just standing there doing nothing to stop them. Law and order seems to be gone.
  • I want then to hurry up and defund the police. That is all that is keeping law abiding citizens from taking the law into their own hands and cleaning this up. That’s exactly right. Americans are very close to rising up and taking care of that which the neutered law enforcement has not been able to.

Everyday Americans won’t tolerate this and will utilize our second amendment rights to put down any threats from these criminals and rioters. The american middle class is being destroyed 2 fold. 1st, economically devastated, 2nd psychologically. It is planned and orchestrated.

I notice they haven’t come to rural America yet.. so who’s the ones who are scared??? These cowards prey on unarmed victims. So arm yourselves and use the rights God gave you and the constitution guarantees you.

This Is My Horror Movie Watching Blanket

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