My Neighbor Totoro High Top Shoes

My Neighbor Totoro High Top Shoes

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My Neighbor Totoro High Top Shoes

9. Alcohol

If you’ve ever gone a little overboard at trivia night or celebrated with one-too-many margaritas, you’re likely familiar with this kind of morning headache. “What used to be called hangover headache is now called delayed alcohol-induced headache,” says Dr. Parikh. “If you’ve been consuming alcohol earlier in the evening, you can wake up with this.”

What to do: It may be that alcohol leads to dehydration, widens blood vessels or triggers inflammation, but we don’t know for sure. It’s smart to drink water between alcoholic drinks, but once the damage has been done, it’s even more important to rehydrate. Dr. Feoktistov recommends drinking plain water, electrolyte drinks or even chicken broth to speed recovery.

10. Brain tumor

When tumors grow in the skull, they can put intracranial pressure on the brain and cause head pain. “It’s rare and unlikely they have a tumor, but I think that’s what people worry about the most,” says Dr. Parikh.

What to do: If you have a brand-new headache that you’ve never had before that starts during sleep or wakes you up from sleep, she says you should get evaluated immediately. Other red flags that you should see a doc sooner rather than later: severe headaches that quickly build up within a few minutes; headaches that are associated with changes in vision or your ability to move arms or legs or talk or balance; or headaches with night sweats, fevers or weight loss.

Kaitlyn Pirie Sr. Editor Kaitlyn started her career as a reporter in the research department at Real Simple and went on to become a health editor at Family Circle before joining the Hearst team.

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My Neighbor Totoro High Top Shoes
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