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You Are My Sunshine Sunflower Cat poster 1

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Demacrats are completely oblivious to their surroundings. You bash President Trump a 4 year politician and support 30 to 50 year career politicians. If DC demacrats were doing their actual job and following up legislation brought before them we wouldn’t be having this conversation. They have not are not and will never put your interests before their own. You could lobby a perfect bill before them right now. They would cheer you and support you. They may sign your bill. But come November 6, all will be shoved under the rug like it has been done for DECADES. Hate Trump and support corrupt criminal narsisitc tyrants who have dehuminized even you. They use scare tactics, hate speaches, propaganda and lies but THEY WILL NEVER CHANGE ANYTHING THAT DOESN’T PROFIT THEM. date of the greatness was july 4th 1776.. had ups and downs of course.. recently it stopped being great January -2009 and returned to greatness January 2017.. 2020 was not great at all .. hopefully 2021 is better under The leadership of Trump.. and continues in 2024 /2028 under President to be Pence… I am furious. Maxx was a healthy eighth grader who swam competitively. This tragedy could have been avoided had the Trump Administration not been derelict in its duty to take COVID-19 seriously in January and work around the clock to keep families safe.
My heart breaks for the Cheng family. My kids are around the same age as Maxx was when he tragically passed away last week. I cannot imagine the pain being felt by the Cheng family and the Claremont community right now.
Kids are not immune from the coronavirus. The federal government must communicate with school districts on how to educate students safely this school year. We need resources. We need testing. We need leadership.

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