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What about YOU!! Be a responsible participant in taking care of our country. This President needs our support if we’re going to keep America free…don’t shout at him be responsible for ourselves. Obummer taxed my small buisness to death, his obummer care let my 92 year old grandma die becouse she was not important enough for a new pacemaker battery. Obummer gave huge chunks of our country to china for our f..ed up tariff imbalance. Just proves he’s a paid politician. They are desperate to get there pose scheme going again so they can launder there drug money ,and steal our tax money again .
There brainwashing and propaganda is working well with there supporters, . Trump supporters have woke up to their bullshit. Joe Biden has all the supporters, all the money, all the tech, all the experience, all the integrity. Donald has… tweets, a gold-digging hooker wife and trailer park cult follower rednecks. You’re governor knew that putting covid positive people in nursing homes would do!! That was after they were shut down and family members and friends could not visit and help with their care! do you guys realize that you aren’t using your own brains when you just repeat phrases from he puppet master? I wish I had a nickel for every time you guys said “destroy America” but no one can’t say how exactly.

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