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Does anyone recommend a guide to really learn how to use the Paris Metro? Book, paperback or online source, a podcast, anything? I love Paris but am directionally /map challenged and have not taken proper advantage of the “Metro” in Paris to visit all books & crannies I want to explore.
I would much appreciate links or suggestions so I can teach myself what to fully understand the Paris metro system and as a bonus, something that tewches how to use buses / trains through to other parts of France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany & the U.K. While I’m itching to travel to Europe (had a 3 week exchange vacation planned for summer 2020 & we cancelled bc of the pandemic) I will fantasize about our next trip. My hubby & my and our fluent in French 8 year old.
Spent last summer seeing Rouen, Mont St. Michele, Giverny, Normandy, Bretagne, and of course PARIS, especially Trocadéro & Montmartre. I had never been in an underground transit until going to London and Paris. I was quite surprised by how far underground they actually were. I got the hang of it really quick though and I used the map out of the back of my Paris book. It is very well loved, highlighted all my routes and studied it intensely before I went. Being able to do that made my trip go so much smoother. Rick Steves tour book really made my trip. I grew up in Paris and commemorated that with this tattoo of the symbols on a Metro ticket. M is also the first initial of my husbands name so this is my way to honor my favorite city & my favorite person.

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