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There was a petition going around years ago, that I remember signing to get this changed, and this is the first time since then that I have heard about it being changed again. SMH. Idk how that name even made it in the first place. Also movement in my town to change the name of the high school team. At last. I’ve been in the Carolinas for 20 years speaking about this issue and truly I get more resistance from black fans than white fans something I don’t understand. Maybe it’s the hole idea of a white man tell a black man there NFL mascot is a racist slur. Agreed!!!!!! Black Lives Matter. I’ve been sitting Here trying to wrap my head around what you just typed and ma’am I have no idea where you even got hate, celebrating whiteness or even The mention of God.

All I’m talking about is how powerful and strong Indian country is and the things that’s happening for Indian country.
Natives lives have been erased and need to be brought back. I’m married to a full blood Navajo. I know Natives are here, but I also see so many cases of them not even being at the table with talks about discrimination, years of slavery, and lack of resources. Cherokee Nation has been kicking down doors in Washington and holding officials accountable for Native issues and especially for our treaties recently the treaty of New Echota where we Will have A Delegate seated in Washington to be a powerful voice not only for cherokees but for all of Indian country! Cherokee Nation is stronger than ever and the mountains that we thought would never ever be moved are starting to slide over!!! Hope all is well with the Navajo Nation! then why use an Indian word Tahlequah, Oklahoma or how that town celebrates whiteness on that particular week. Even you mentioning the statement suggested your awareness of your Hate but then in the same thought of might mention a god.

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