Native American Sage Lit shirt, hoodie, tank top

Native American Sage Lit hoodie

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Maybe you should stop making assumptions and learn facts. I don’t give a crap if you walk your legs off protesting but don’t tell me you don’t catch a virus there but you do at a beach. There is NO scientific evidence to prove that. But then again, just assume whatever Andy says is true so you don’t have to think for yourself. Well I really don’t think anyone knew what to tell us to do. But I think they do now and certain people are choosing to make it part of their political platform because they don’t give a crap about Kentuckians. and they don’t. Bars are packed no masks, Ky Kingdom is a joke and I could go on and on. The governor has NO control over protests, NONE. What he does have control over he’s fought tooth and nail. There are law abiding citizens protesting too wait for what? Your next irrelevant misinformed comment? Seriously, the protesters are 10 cases out of 6,000 and yes even one is too many. But why should the Governor denounce the protests against bad cops killing black people? The fact that masks and social distancing work is a separate issue from militarized police forces pulverizing non-violent protesters. you know what your right im wrong. Let have everyone get the virus and all the elderly, older people over 55 and anyone that has a week immune system get sick and most of them will die.. But that’s ok as long as the rest of us that dont die just get sick.. How could I have been so self centered to think of others and not my self.. My fault. Weed out the week and old, not wear mask. #Freedom. SMDH. While were at it let’s eat more hotdogs cause we only see 17% death rate from people chocking on them.. And while we are at it lets take everything else and turn it into a statistical status that has NOTHING to do with this virus… Also let ur love ones know how much u love them. Because I’ve lost friends and family with this virus and they were under 30 and very healthy!! Let them know why and how do decide to rebel cause u don’t want to be told what to do!

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