The Emperor’s New Groove No Touchy face mask

The Emperor's New Groove No Touchy face mask 0

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But what about Porland, Eugene oregon, what about blocking funds from the democrats to pay these rioters/cop killers! What about funnelling money thru the democrats that funds these things against their own country? What about a b etter oath of office for the senate, house and any other office to hold allegiance to America, the Flag and ALL PEOPLE to protecT THEM and defend them- because no guns on cops is no defense This is a beautiful and passionate version of Trump. But truth is you can’t always be this way and also be a leader. So he takes several roads, none of which libs appreciate. Why do you think he is sending all this material. He is a very honest and caring person. Did you see Obummer help out anyone. When he first came into office he bombed 23 countries. He left this country in such array. People had been looking for jobs for so long that they finally just gave up. We need to help our homeless and help other countries. But help our own 1st. So many that need it. Kenneth hall hospital could have been set up for temporary stay for the homeless. Rooms were already set up with bathrooms showers and 2 people per room. Why couldn’t our government give people a 6 month stay and put a guard on each floor? Now the building has been stripped. Same for old nathan care center that just sits and went to waste. Spend millions on other crap. Help people get on their feet. America needs work. Look at our roads hwys. 255 seems to always be in need of repair a year after work already been done. Hire people that know what the hell they are doing. Not give jobs to family members or someones friend when people who have experience gets passed over.

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