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Today I went outside for a short walk with my daughter instead of fussing over the house. I think He is pleased with me trying to keep the priorities right. I love that! “All of our ‘tries’ matter.” Thank you so much Sister Jones. I heard Him today as I participated in my Pathways class via Zoom. What a modern day miracle that through inspired leaders we are blessed with the BYU Pathways program. We are able to continue learning and support each other – even in the midst of a pandemic. One of my classmates said today, “If you have enough faith to ask the Lord for help, you have enough faith to get it.” How her words touched my heart because sometimes I wonder – is my faith really strong enough? I needed the reminders today from both you are her. The Lord knows where we are and will continue to help us on our way, as we try. Thank you! We’re trying to sell our home in the middle of all this craziness. We had an early morning showing today. So we took our cereal, and our scriptures to the park for family scripture study. We heard His voice in the beauty of nature all around us, as we read and talked of Ammon and King Limhi. Our outdoor setting made me feel more authentically connected to some of the particulars of the story too. My ward Primary Presidency, Bishop and some of their spouses (who are also friends, neighbors and primary teachers) put together a “drive-through primary activity for my children, who have been sheltering-in-place since early March and are lonely for friends. This is one of many ways they have vigilantly ministered in their callings during this time, and it means. I had the amazing opportunity to teach my sweet 7 year old why we need a Prophet and what missionaries do. He had amazing questions that lead to an unplanned teaching moment. And then as I was writing the experience in my journal (right after it happened), I had the inspiration to point out to him how he was feeling and that his feelings came from the Spirit. I think it was one of the loveliest moments I have ever had as a Mother. I am so thankful to Hear Him.

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