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They let their puppy get a little too amped up around such a young goat. I would have put a stop to his “zoomies” and had him calm down a bit. I’ve seen first hand just how hard a dog can accidently knock another down in that situation. Golden Retrievers are excellent dogs, but you still have to correct them when they take things a little too far. Good on them for getting their pup used to other animals at such a young age, though. That’s very important!

  • I really don’t understand why someone would put a 4 day old “prey animal” in a position to be a toy for their puppy.
    I think there is another instantiation if this when the baby goat is slightly older. I also thought that was an unfortunate way to treat the poor goat.
  • Beautiful photo story out of this world love hapoy endings goes to show you we can love who ever you want no matter what they are magic good luck to them both. The goat is not afraid at all, at first. Just curious. But I have to agree, that puppy, while adorable, is too big and rambunctious. A bit overwhelming for such a young goat to handle. Not a very good example.
  • I had a tiny new born kid brought to me once when it’s mother had died in childbirth and he was brought up with my two dogs and my cats and they all got on as if they were one big family. When the kid,( Sammy) got a bit too big for the house, he went to live in a large paddock with some other rescued goats on our farmlet, but he would still come with us on walks with the dogs and even come in the car with us when we went for picnics in the bush. Kids are about as near to puppies as any other animals can get, but they do tend to throw things on the floor and chew them for fun. ( Mind you, puppies do that too, don’t they?)

My akita and goat kid got on really well. The goat kid had to have a leg amputated after a bad accident or face being pts. She lived indoors with the akita whilst recovering and they got on really well. The akita was really calm. Venus, the goat was happy for company

Precious both of them….pupskys body language definitely wants to play and be friends…sure bigger than lil goatee but they’re both babies and will grow up together. Love it…cute as a button

Nice Butt Goat poster

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