Jack Skellington Nightmare – Starry Night poster

Jack Skellington Nightmare - Starry Night poster

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I think it is more than cheap labor. They have lots of their money tied up in China economy. They hate Trump because he is tearing down their little money nest. They just can’t understand how Trump wantsChina to prosper and USA too. They just see how he is tearing up their nest egg that they have built up over decades while letting China take us over. You mean like the cheap labor that trump and ivanka have in China in their businesses ,instead of moving them here and giving Americans those jobs and paying them a decent wage.  Teresa Smith Tierce yes. This is all intentional. It is evil and it is obviously taking over as soon as Trump is a gone. Scary times. Especially for people with kids having to grow up in this dangerous mess. That will only get worse. you can blame the actual people that are out there spreading the virus, not the governors or the president.
Those people weren’t doing what they were told to do and now everyone is in time out and rightfully so. Irresponsible behavior by some people ruins it for everyone. you don’t know much about fair trade. No one says we should not trade with China. I think trade with China is great. What we need is fair trade and Trump is getting us to that place. I’d say everyone that owns a company is getting things made in China. But how many are willing to bring some of that back to USA? Fair trade not No trade. Big difference. if China prospers, he prospers. All traitors do. They don’t care who gets hurt. They have enough money to keep them safe. Look at Obama’s bank account now. Quite a jump. President Trump can’t be bought.

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