No One Is Illegal On Stolen Land – Native Americans shirt, hoodie, tank top

No One Is Illegal On Stolen Land - Native Americans hoodie

Buy it now: No One Is Illegal On Stolen Land – Native Americans shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Greg Spaltro so your trump isn’t any good to run his first court date where he has to give up his passport and post bond is Nov 28 under the Rico act for trump univ and trump institution where he stole millions from hard working american. Ask for a Paper Ballot this is your Right! You have the right to require a paper ballot, & under FEDERAL LAW the polling place MUST provide one for you. Some Ballots List Hilary Twice, so need to do a Write in for Trump/Pence. Check your Vote at least Twice before Submitting it. Stop the Voting Dead: Contact your Local Registrar of Voters or Country Clerk Office. A Notification from a family member, including the name, address & date of death of the deceased is all that is necessary is the way I understand it.

Nathan Harquail . . . This from a Canadian who has no business worrying about Americans & who we may or may not support! Look at the man in the mirror to find the real IDIOT! Bozo! Nathan you need to mind your own business you have enough problems with you you all just elected the little King he’s just a white version of Obama just wait going to get fun up in Canada have a great time moron. Were not hiring him for some of his opinions on women, we need a President that can and will do good for the people? NOT FOR HERSELF. I wonder how many people purchase, own, work, trust, believe in and so on for those who talk/believe similiar and you just don’t know it? But you still own a TV, your car, work for? We do because we need the money, health insurance, vehicle….we need someone who can do anything to help get the US self sufficient again. He wouldnt be my first choice but out of those running he is the only one wanting to do right by the country as a whole. She only talks about women children an minorities, that is not ALL of US!

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