They’re only noodles Michael shirt, hoodie, long sleeve

They're only noodles Michael Hoodie

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I believe he supports that all businesses (especially Mom & Pops) should have had a right to save their business & livelihoods, not cherry picking a few … Especially when small shop owners had every means to control & ensure safe distancing & shopping, whereas places like Walmart more than thrived, were awarded every retail $ there was to go around, they had the entire market, and it was and has been a free for all from stepping in the door, to thecheck out… same for Dollar Generals & Family Dollars … I assume Targets also. while small shop owners could have actually gathered their shoppers needs, and handed them at the door, so to speak. I also do not believe he would have handed our beautiful downtown over to terrorists, rioting law breakers, and not had others private & public properties destroyed. Blessings to anyone who may have special needs children. I’m quite certain Dan Forest would not take away or displace any programs that are in place. And as all schools in NC are currently under uncertain trials, all, I suppose, are going to trudge through different waters, to figure out how to accomodate all needs … It appears Dan has a heart, and a desire for business success in NC, to strengthen our economy, doesn’t pander to special interests, and supports LE, law and order. also you said it will “make America better” and MAGA! Tell me, what is great about the current state of our country? Is it the 176,000 deaths? The 5 million plus and growing cases of Covid? Is it the highest unemployment rate in history? What’s great about all of this? The only reason Trumpers still support him is because he hates the same people you do. There isn’t even a platform for his campaign. GOP is no longer a party, it’s a regime.

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