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I agree, but when a teacher calls and explains the expectations are unrealistic due to a lack of knowledge as to how to public schools run, and the rep they are speaking to is ignorant about every concern…….there is a problem. Freedom of choice is what makes America great. For NC schools, two options are needed. For parents who can stay home with their kids, absolutely do online. Our 12yo granddaughter thrived in online classes. Her older 15 yo brother is autistic, ADHD with epilepsy and mild cerebral palsy. He needs 1 on 1 as he struggles to type and his laptop struggles to understand his words. We as a family provided 9-3 every day. He starts high school this year and Chapel Hill schools failed to meet his IEP needs. We are lucky that his parents could afford additional speech therapy etc. Yes, his school speech teacher never checked in. She was busy with her own children at home. What happens to special needs kids whose parents depend on schools for assistance and food? While many treasured teachers checked in and Zoomed with him, that did not help him prepare for high school. He thrives on the social aspects as that will be his biggest challenge in life. We are Covid privileged but what about our neighbors who are not? Who is going to choose which teachers go in and which stay home? I’m heartbroken for all teachers. They are all a God send. They have been given little time and direction to proceed. Some of the best will retire or just sit this year out. I don’t blame them. But special needs kids need experienced mentors. Even if these kids do get to go at least a few hours a week, I’m afraid the highly skilled teachers their families adore and depend on, won’t be there. Prayers to all young families managing this crisis.

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