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So very sad. He really had a regal way about him . I think his T’challa was the most sensitive and moral of the Avengers and that nobility came straight from the man himself. Prayers from Ireland. He was amazing – full of strength and courage – a true king in everyone’s eyes and hearts. Wakanda Forever. Rest in the arms of god. Heartfelt sympathy to his family and friends.

  • So heartbreaking. He will always be remembered. He has gone to be with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, Jesus. Chadwick loved and served Him. I wish he had been more open about his cancer and became more of an advocate for it…but also understand wanting to keep his privacy too…I admire his strength to complete many of his dreams while undergoing treatment…just wish he was able to reap the rewards of working so hard!
  • I pray for his family. May this bring awareness and encourage others who may be struggling with health concerns of their own. He faced his diagnosis with strength and poise and fought bravely. I had no idea he was battling cancer. His real-life fight was more stirring than any battle scene in his movies, and we knew nothing about it. To my mind, that makes him the picture of grace and courage.
  • And you know he had bad days and still went to work. I call in sick when I have a headache. The strength he had to get up and keep going. Not wanting anyone to know how truly sick he truly was. He knew if the companies he was making movies for probably would have recasted him. He got up and kept going and you know the acting he gave was his best as he knew it could be his last.

For the first time an actor lived up and died in real life like in his movies ! A true super hero who fought his hidden battles and still put on a show that we all admired and enjoyed

My baby boys and I watched Civil war two days before he died. They called him Catman super hero (I don’t know why). My five year old was so sad when I told him “Catman” has gone to meet God. Rest well our black super hero. Your life and death has taught us so many lessons

Nurse Superheroes Poster

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