On friday we wear Red – Remember Everyone Deployed face mask

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It always amazes me that you can be so kind and thoughtful even to people like Roy from Wisconsin who seemingly made no attempt to show you any respect nor does he understand you at all. You have addressed your carbon footprint in the past, but I doubt Roy has confronted his own or that of his beloved Midwest (where I was also born and raised).

I would only say to Roy that if he wants the Midwest to be represented well, he should start by doing a better job of it himself.There are a lot of fearful, frustrated and angry people in our country these days. In societies where more have access to higher education they find that providing community college for free to citizens gives people hope, reason to be positive, and is a smart investment in public tax dollars.

I just watched your video and it made me so happy. Thanks for sending out some hope! I have my DVR set to automatically tape your shows; so whenever my husband and I are just too upset with COVID, the news and the state of our country, we travel somewhere . . .thanks to your shows. I’ve been such a fan ever since I did your “Europe in 27 Days” (or was it 26?) back in 1993. We rented a car and did pretty much did every single thing from Amsterdam to Paris. (I was a lot younger.) Thanks again and God bless you.

In about 1996 when my mother was in her mid 60’s we took the “Europe in 23 Days”tour – her first trip abroad. Your tours then were, ahem, “rustic” and we followed a heat wave nearly the entire trip. It was brutal, yet so incredibly memorable. She and I took many trips after that. When she was nearing the end of her life a social worker in her assisted living facility asked her what she was most proud of. I expected she would say her five children, of course.

Nope. Her answer “I am so proud that a little girl from North Dakota who only dreamed of seeing the world has done so much traveling and seen so many amazing things.” Her eyes were just sparkling. I will never forget that moment. Thank you and your company for allowing her that experience.

Recently with all the interviews of news people at home, many in front of bookcases, I look for Rick Steves travel books with their distinctive spines of yellow and blue, I have spotted two and will continue to look for more.

On friday we wear Red – Remember Everyone Deployed face mask

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