Once A Scout Always A Pyromaniac shirt, hoodie, tank top

Once A Scout Always A Pyromaniac hoodie

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Like lets all blame trump for the virus lol and the economy under trump will resume as soon as the fear mongoring is over .. i hate to break this to you but we are all going to get corona virus at some point or another . some want the vaccine but that could be years notice i said could so the economy should biden win would send us into a depression should the democrats keep pushing for the country to be closed down instead of protecting the most vulnerable and letting the rest get back to work . you keep blowing joe eventaully something is bound to come out . The question at this moment is, how much your enterprises benefit from you lowering their taxes Donald? How much from the coronavirus relief? Give an estimate for us or tell your campaign administrators and employees to do so. The people are going to Make America Smart Again without you Donald. You are a corrupt creepy junk president.

I live in Tulsa and so excited that you will be here on Saturday I am concerned that VP mike Pence is also coming In the past the Protocol was both of you should not be attending the same event for the safety of America God help us if something should happen to both of you We must never take a chance of ever making it possible for Pelosi to be in charge God help America We Love you and our VP Please just be careful We desperately need you at least four more years Thank you for your service to our great Land.

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