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Peace Love Back The Blue Sticker

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I’m in South Africa I went to say thank you Master P for standing up against gun violence rest in peace and semaj Miller God keep being with you and family will never gonna forget u bro We need more trade schools in our communities, more jobs instead of police locking up young black men put them in jail. Then they come out they cannot get a job. I worked at The Mark Twain House and it was a fascinating home for a fascinating and generous man, Samuel Clemens and his family. Many of his most famous works were created in this home. Lorraine Tipaldi you should include his summers in Elmira NY for 20 years in this claim. He went there to write and spent hours daily in his study writing his best works.
His comment was he couldn’t not get anything done at Hartford and Nook farm due to the constant interruptions Sam Leonard True, but he did have his moments. He didn’t like to lie, so he told his butler that when he heard someone at the door, he would step out onto the balcony from his study and they should tell the visitor that “Mr. Twain has just stepped out.” Sam Leonard Do you have any Elmira stories? That was his sister-in-law’s home and she had built him an enclosed gazebo-like structure to write in. It contained a writing desk and chair and a bed or day bed, I believe, and beautiful views. While attending the University of Connecticut in Storrs in the 1970s, we made a class trip to this unique house. That photo doesn’t do it justice at all.

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