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Welcome to the “awakening” group, I, having always been a Republican as my parents were before they passed in recent years, so enjoy reading each individual story of how a Liberal finally awakens and sees the light of their own political party & step over to the Republican/Libertarian/Conservative side. I’m glad my parents are no longer alive as much as I miss them, but to see the country they both LOVED so much, being in such turmoil and destruction, I know it would’ve killed them (literally) and broke their hearts to see our country in the state that it is!! My father was a retired career US Navy Commander & my mother was from Germany & became a legal US citizen, after going thru the steps required in the process. She loved & was whole-heartedly loyal to the US as much (or more) as any natural born citizen.
Allow me to share a recent video I recently stumbled upon, after it was made in recent days. This video was eye-opening to me, of which liberal leaning school systems have been/are hiding from all kids for decades. I believe as many Democrats as possible need to watch this video…. especially Blacks! You want to learn about BLACK HISTORY? Well, this will make you feel even better about your #WalkAway move… learning about the TRUTH about Black History, which you’ll never learn in any school because of their leaning stance towards the Democrat Party. The more you know about the Democratic Party, will have you become empowered & will re-enforce your move away from the corrupt elitist left. Welcome home! Glad you were able to find your way here through the maze of liberalism and a crooked media.

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