Peace Love Ohana Stitch shirt, hoodie, tank top

Peace Love Ohana Stitch hoodie

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Do you know how to define ‘socialist/Communist’? Are you speaking of a socialistic or communistic regime under a dictatorship or, social programs implemented in conjunction to capitalism and implemented under democratic principles? You will be surprised at how many people want everything free! They are growing while the selfish earners( we are called !!) decrease Their income becomes insufficient to survive and they become
Independent too ! No, you ought to check the facts at the gov. website. The statistics show that Obama left Trump a very stable growing economy. He took unemployment from 10% down to 4.5%. That’s what Trump inherited. That’s a fact! If Trump wasn’t briefed (a lie) on Putin paying bounties on US troops, it would be history’s greatest breakdown of the US intelligence system.

A REAL president who wasn’t briefed wouldnt then go golfing. He would dash back to the White House, calling an emergency meeting of *every* official in the national security apparatus, he would call for an emergency evaluation of how this information was not brought to him, he would demand a massive briefing on everything he should have known about everything this year, since he would not know how far this breakdown reached and what other critical information he had not been told, he would demand an extensive briefing on the Russia/Taliban scandal, and he would take immediate action to protect our troops. Trump is doing none of this. He is golfing. He is lying about not being briefed, or his reaction yesterday and today is further proof he is too incompetent and too reckless to be president.

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