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This is a must see for me – a polio survivor – who remembers only too well the iron lungs/ventilators going day and night on the ward. I was truly blessed and survived with minimal problems in comparison, but many people today are still living very difficult lives with the after effects of polio which has been relatively forgotten. Many now suffer – as I do periodically – with PPS which is Post Polio Syndrome which kicks in many of the similar symptoms again with weakness etc. I must keep watch for when this is out. This certainly looks one to watch. Claire Foy was great in the crown , and the story line has touched my family. Not a Claire Foy fan after her performance as Anne Boleyn but would very much like to see this film. Daw pareho sla gamay. Hehe. Bsed on a true story pud to. Mdyo sad lng gling ang ending.

“For richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part”.. loved how these two kept that promise. Ugh, defying all odds. Hays, Im such a sucker for love. we gotta see this! I never knew that the mobile ventilators were popularized during the Polio epidemic. Also, there are LOTR folks in this it should be a Facebook button to press as a remainder for movies release date so if you don’t go often to the cinema and keep track of the new movies at least Facebook reminds you about something you liked and wanted to watch… Never was a great fan of Andrew Garfield in Spider-Man. But I watched him in hacksaw Ridge and now this movie, he looks like a great actor, and he’s picking some great moves to star in.  true story a friend saw him in a the dog and duck pub in soho three nights ago and he was drinking a mint tea, reading a noticeably old copy of time out and wearing a lime green jumper! strange bloke!


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