Periodic table of elements I wear this mask periodically face mask

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I think seeing your parents would be fine. You all have kept your distance from others. I personally have seen my parents and brother’s family every week. And I’m still working everyday. We are below the threshold of 10 for a gathering and are not going out unnecessarily. Go see your Mama!

  • These are my exact questions. I haven’t seen my parents since late February – but I’m not sure it is a wholly necessary sacrifice. We only have 137 cases in our entire county – and more than half were at a single nursing home. I’m just not sure.
  • I see my family (except those with compromised immune systems) and have started letting my kids have outdoor play dates with friends. I’m comfortable with having a glass of wine on the porch with a friend, going to the store, etc. I will go get my hair and nails done as soon as they are allowed to open. And I have my Botox scheduled for June 3! We have to go on with our lives and help our small businesses survive and hopefully thrive again. Be cautious but not afraid
  • My family was incredibly strict for the first 5 weeks – I left the house once to pick up school materials and my husband left once to do a grocery car pick up. Our mental health is starting to suffer. We have loosened up a little and will continue to do so gradually at our own comfort level.

I would say that you are incredibly intelligent and understand the risks you are taking waaaaaay more than the general population. So, you should do what you feel comfortable with and not worry about what is “allowed” or “not allowed”. It’s virtually impossible to interpret the rules consistently.

 I missed my mother’s birthday in March and do not want to miss Mother’s Day next Sunday, but my husband is an assistant manager at a grocery store and with my parents and in-laws in their 80’s and daddy on dialysis I am so scared that we might carry something to them without knowing it. I am so ready for the world to start turning again.

We have not distanced from our local families at all. I babysit the grands because of schools being closed. They have been allowed to play with the few children living in their cul-de-sac. We have to be cautious, but for mental stability, we have to have some social life.

Periodic table of elements I wear this mask periodically face mask

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