Personalized My House My Cats My Rules Poster

Personalized My House My Cats My Rules Poster

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The President is not being harassed, he’s being held accountable to the citizens of the USA. As President Truman said, “If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen”. might want facts before you post nonsense. Trump was very hesitant and concerned about Bolton bc of his tenure with Bush and how he treated Bush. This came from Chris Wallace interview! Maybe get off FB and stop promoting hate and showing ignorance! It’s called Trump
Fighting the establishment with all the dirty hands in the cookie jar. Bolton is sneaky. I supported him once but he changed. Makes no sense bc everything Trump
Is actually doing regarding China Asia Taiwan etc is actually aligned with Bolton’s position. But he decides to write a book for wealth. Arnie Glickman Its called a sheep in wolves clothing. They have perfected their hatred for our country & seem to be fooling alot of people. Trump should have fired every obama leftover & never give them a chance. because they are all lying why do you think Bolton wasn’t testifying in the house impeachment trial he was and will always be a liar.

No, he was relieved after breaking protocol and allowing secure comms to be leaked to media, which helped exactly nobody. There. Fixed your headline. It’s possible for someone to make a mistake. He did, doesnt break him or his career. He retains his rank and remains in the Navy, just reassigned. He did what every captain will do for his crew and that’s why he is receiving this heroic cheer despite the punishment. This so chain of command is sometime political and a true soldier is not a politician.

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