Pikachu Pokemon face mask

Pikachu Pokemon face mask

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But the masks are bad for your immune system. A cloth one does nothing, a single use one does nothing and even an N95 can’t stop this virus. So I must ask, why wear a mask? Really, someone help me understand. The virus has 99.9% survival rate, tell me, what game are we playing with the masks and why? Oh, also, how many people died from the flu this year? Heard Nancy was insulting at you and what is on your mind of her speech this morning? She sounds very threatening toward to your presidency and don’t care about the unrest America she should have stopped them ! She allowed it on her own and put the blame on you? Should you speak back to her and see if she can shut her mouth up! Donald hopefully at some point you will realize this virus was put into society on purpose by people who hate you. Stand against it instead of playing along with it. It’s never wrong to do the right thing. I am sorry it should be our choice whether we wear a mask or not not a governments! you are my president but this is the one thing I have said I disagreed with you about shutting down our country and going through this political. this is no longer about the coronavirus or our safety it is now about nothing but pure politics and it disgusts me. I absolutely love it when you call yourself my favorite President. I understand the sly sense of humor and that it absolutely triggers the left, while pokes fun at your own humility. You would not have taken this job if you did not love America, and I am so thankful that you do. I’ve wanted to meet you sense my visit to NY and seen your tower. Sir, you are a idol for me and then u become president I’ll support and stand tall for you against the world. Your truly the best thing to happen to the USA. They are only upset because you have exposed the lies and scandles behind the scene. Please for the love of God once this is over show the world what their plan truly was.

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