Wish you were here Pink Floyd poster

Wish you were here Pink Floyd poster

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Well in 1988 I built my new home as a single mom and I chose mauve/old rose for my kitchen counter tops, dinning table in my kitchen and wallpaper was IN and it was a country blue with white and old rose dainty flowers. It looked Beautiful and I was Rocking! me too…..it’s all been replaced now….except for the living room couch and love seat because my kids weren’t allowed to use that room. As a result, they are like new and I’ve had a hard time justifying buying a new set just because I think it is ugly! I like pink, the custom cabinets are beautiful. I think pink handles and knobs would work here with pinkish marble. Well, in the 1963 we had a kitchen that was dark purple and pink. The cabinet’s were the dark purple and the inside was pink. The countertops were a multi color of pinks, purples, white. It was Formica and the floor was linoleum in mixed colors of pinks and purple, white very light.
The appliance’s were painted pink even the washer and dryer.(which were in the kitchen). Painting the appliances was done a lot because there weren’t any colors like today. Most were just white. Also my dad built houses with the open floor plan that everyone want today. we bought a house that had been built in 1960 with grey and pink tile in the bathroom and a pinkish toilet. Love pink but this is a little too pink. I have the Franciscan “desert rose”pattern and I use them with my beige and brown granite tops and it works fine. I had pink tile in a rental house I had. With burgundy bullnose. Never again by choice. The rental was really cheap and cool so it was ok. I complimented with avocado appliances. Dating myself! When I got married in 77 my Daddy bought us a 1959 mobile home. It was nice but had a pink tub, toilet and sink in bathroom and pink stove, frig and sink in kitchen. No more pink! I’d love them!! But then I’m putting really PURPLE countertop appliances and any thing else I can find in my very tiny kitchen!!

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