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How about creating virtual tours via Zoom? Your guides, working from home could use your tours, zoom in on the details and give personalized tours/discussions, allowing people to ask questions as if they were on an actual tour. The guides have plenty of stories to tell. These could be booked through your company and you assign the guide.

  • People could book two hours, three hours, etc. based on the package they purchased. While it’s not perfect. You get income to pay your staff, they conduct their tours, people have a way to escape & have engagements to look forward to putting on their calendar
  • It’s a win-win. We had to cancel a 5 week European tour that included The Viking Grand European River tour with extra time at both ends, my daughter’s wedding in England, where she lives, (big one in US in Dec if not cancelled) & traipsing around England with family & friends. We are crushed.
  • On so many levels. We’ve watched your shows forever, over and over. I buy your books & give them as gifts to our younger travelers. One day I hope to book one of your tours when this mess is behind us. The fact that you are struggling to keep your beloved staff on the payroll is beyond admirable.
  • For that very reason alone, I’ll participate to support you with that. Everyone should go to your website & purchase from it. For themselves, as gifts to others…uplift many at once. And when we can once again, “keep on traveling!” Good Luck to you all. Stay safe & stay well.

As the EU opens up internally is it possible to book your guides for expats that are fortunate enough to live here? My family is looking to plan a Normandy trip and we would love to support your team in this time if possible.

Cool. In high school my friend invited me to join the Mariner Scouts troop, “Morning Star.” We travelled by bus from L.A. to a port by Puget Sound where we boarded our boat. We spent 2 weeks on a converted whaling boat motoring around the islands and visited Friday Harbor. We did turn off the motor one day and put up the sails, a powerful feeling. We also took some sabats around one of the islands. That was in 1973.

I didn’t know about these experiences. Hope my wife and I can do a Rick Steve’s experience in the future. Best wishes to you all. Always enjoy your work on PBS.

Pirate Skull Hawaiian Shirt

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