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As the mother, mother-in-law, sister, aunt, and former wife of present active duty and veterans several times over, it isn’t the patriotism of NFL player Colin Kaepernick I question, but the patriotism of those who are attacking him. Kaepernick is the epitome of all things this country is suppose to stand for and challenge. If he’s attacked for taking a stand then everything this nation claims to be is fake and makes a mockery out of those who’ve served this country and their families who served alongside them in support and worry and both who have sacrificed so much for this country. Yes! When your family member serves you serve with them all the way; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I watched my mother serve alongside my brothers every single day they were in Vietnam. She even felt the impact thousands of miles away when one brother was injured by a grenade.

The NFL can’t punish Kaeernick for refusing to stand during the national anthem. It is not mandatory NFL players stand.

Veterans across the nation are showing their support for Kaepernick. As many of them have returned home only to once again be marginalized when their service is no longer needed. Many of them too have encountered police brutality and have been killed by police once they returned home, even as many police themselves are military veterans. My own son was verbally and physically assaulted by police when he and his wife (also active military at the time) returned home to Chattanooga on a short weekend leave when she was less than two months shy to be deployed to the middle east. I was harassed, threatened and stalked by police for speaking out about it.

This is why I dont’ stand, cover my heart, take my hat off or respect the flag or national anthem anymore.

Twenty-two veterans commit suicide a day over this BS.

We’re still losing service men and women everyday fighting a bogus war when we can’t even help or assist the veterans we have today. So why are we creating more combat veterans?

Name of the writer withheld, because I don’t trust that he won’t suffer even more backlash for exercising his 1st Amendment right. That “thing” our family, friends and others supposedly have fought and died for.

Pitbull Fireworks Independence Day Hawaiian Shirt

Let’s see, according to one opinion he’s the epitome of American patriotism. So I guess that’s suppose to place him on a level with Nathan Hale and Abraham Lincoln?

But Nathan Hale and Abraham Lincoln didn’t go to college on a free ride or get a football contract worth $61 million and then be so mediocre in the performance of his job that he hasn’t been playing much.

Hale and Lincoln were true American heroes who sacrificed far more than uttering mere words.

For Colin what’s-his-name, one could easily see the hardest thing about his life up to now is the bench he’s occupying.



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