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No life is worth more than another. It is quite sad that we come to talk about black life always. It does not mean that Indians or Irish or Chinese are not in one way or another been marginalised or inhumanly handled.
We should try on our own to respect every life as though it is of same race with us. No one race is superior to another. The years of slave trade is over and none one living ever took part in that..we all just read stories.
Don’t let stories of what happened in time past shape our future for us when we can chart a new course for all. No, you’re twisting it to try and demeaning it. I am agree black persons have been and are horribly treated but so are other minorities, that’s what all lives matter is about. but blacks are by far not the only race being shot by police as you say do your research I for one believe every life matters and some police believe there above the law and can treat other humans the way they want even if it kills that person. The only problem we have now is people wanting something for free. And this isn’t just black, it is the low lifes’ in multiple colors that don’t want to get off their asses and do something to change their own lives. They want to benefit off someone else. And if you look at these rioters, and the protestors. Those people are few compared to the rest of the US that doesn’t believe the problem is solved by more dividing such as BLM. the death toll is not equal. Cops don’t kill equally. The percentage of black people is highest. A matter of fact and public record. The issue regarding slave trading is about dealing with statues that revere people who were actually prominent in the slave trade. No one will object if you can highlight those statues revering anyone prominent in trading in white Irish people.
The media does indeed have a lot to answer for too. Systemic racism is a large part of the issue and it doesn’t help that Trump literally legitimises racism. The dirt is in their minds because they underestimate the BLACKS..You all are more stronger and smarter than them..Really..we should learn how to be strong minded like you and not to be dirt minded like them.