Pomeranian Dog Hawaiian Shirt

Pomeranian Dog Hawaiian Shirt

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Pomeranian Dog Hawaiian Shirt

Oct. 16: Boston blows a three-run lead in the eighth inning when manager Grady Little can’t get through to the bullpen because New Orleans receiver Joe Horn has overloaded phone lines placing cellular calls from the end zone.

Oct. 19: After the Vikings beat the Broncos to extend their undefeated start to 6-0, President Bush calls coach Mike Tice to offer congratulations, telling him, “Mission accomplished.”

Oct. 26: The Marlins win the World Series when the Yankees get bored and go home.

Nov. 8: Bill Singer makes racial remarks to Dodgers assistant general manager Kim Ng, then blames his offensive behavior on his low-carb diet. By the way, we’re not making that up. That’s really what he blamed it on.

Nov. 15: After 14-year-old Freddy Adu signs a $500,000 contract, Michael Jackson buys season tickets to the MLS.

Nov. 16: New Orleans receiver Joe Horn celebrates a touchdown reception by having a pizza delivered to him in the end zone.

Nov. 22: The first outdoor game in NHL history is played in sub-zero temperatures when the Buffalo Sabres can’t pay the heating bills or rent at their arena.

Nov. 29: After Nomar Garciaparra interrupts their Hawaiian honeymoon to phone a Boston sports talk show, Mia Hamm begins exploring trade talks for Alex Rodriguez.

Nov. 30: NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue is outraged when Lawrence Taylor ann



Pomeranian Dog Hawaiian Shirt
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