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Amanda ODell Peterson, thank you so much for everything you do to help save the lives of others!! We wear masks here in Missouri. I know what you’re saying because a lot of people will not wear them they swear this is all a hoax simply because it is not yet touched their lives or the lives of someone in their family. I lost a friend of 40 years with nothing wrong with her she went in a few days later she was gone. I have two other friends that are still in ICU for a couple of weeks now. It is so sad that they are so concerned about only themselves being self-centered. It is unconscionable to me that the governors are not stopping all that opening of they are given state. We have more here than we did in 3 months. They opened up within 2 weeks it went up more than 100%. Can you believe some people think that this is just a total conspiracy theory? I have no idea hell on God’s green earth they ever came up with that. Yes this has turned into a political situation and it never should be. This virus does not discriminate it doesn’t matter if you’re white black yellow purple Orange. It can affect anyone at any time and that is the scary part. I will be praying for you as you go to work Faithfully every day. There is no way that we could ever repay you not only for your honesty. candor or bravery but most of all for the love and care that you show your patients. We here how many different things about wearing a mask and not wearing a mask. The mask is not only for your protection but the protection of others ! Sometimes I do feel very uninformed as far as numbers to go because you get so many conflicting reports . This is how they turn it into a political thing because if you watched CNN which I think is telling us the truth you are a crazy liberal . If you watch Fox News well then you’ve got it all right because all they do is tell the truth of course . Forget the fact that they are so biased in this situation . The campaign has turned into instead of the coronavirus and how can we stop this into it and I do such a good job I prevented this early blah blah blah . He waited a full month before he did anything he knew it was coming and he did nothing . If you have Netflix I want you to watch not that you have time to watch but I’m just telling you about this . There is a episode show called pandemic . No it’s not the one with Dustin Hoffman and the monkey because everybody ask me that . It shows that they were working on this two years ago and knew about it. As a matter of fact they had people over there working on it with them and this series even if you can watch one episode at a time will tell you more than what most people are aware of on a daily basis. You are a remarkable person to go to work everyday to face this horrible virus. Just know that you are in our hearts thoughts and prayers. May God to you and your family many blessings help I love. I’m awake all the time so if you ever need to talk you could always p.m. me. Your hand don’t know me but I am up all the time so if you just need a sounding board to vent, I am here. Praying for all of you and your coworkers. May God bless all of them as well.

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