Proud Descendant Of A Confederate Soldier shirt, hoodie, tank top

Proud Descendant Of A Confederate Soldier hoodie

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Right…Trump calls things the way they are…until he says something stupid…(which is daily)…then people want to make up excuses for what he said …”he didn’t mean it”…”he was just joking”..lmao… that’s why this country is in such a mess right now ..suppose you’re going to blame Obama for that too huh?…even though he hasn’t been in office for over 3 yrs……in case you haven’t been paying attention Trump has made us a laughing stock to the rest of the world…..Trump is neither a “good politician”.., a “good businessman”…
nor a “good human being”…doesn’t have one ounce of humility or humbleness in him…I’m in the lower middle class and he’s done NOTHING for me…I’m NOT living any better than I was 3.5 yrs ago… And you are a child like your grand daughter, an infant, that your mocking the President is INFANTILE. How would you live if America is run by your 4 yr. old grand daughter who can’t even reach the toilet bowl yet? How would you live in that level of shame?
Hide or report this oney smart??…you must be joking…the man has gone bankrupt six times…has failed in other businesses he started…his airlines..his vodka.. his steaks..his magazine and his University..if he’s so money smart than why doesn’t he release his taxes so he can show us all just how money smart he really is…oh yea, he won’t…because he isn’t… Carol Tingzon with this clown 🤡 and chief I feel like it’s being ran by a toddler. Can he reach the toilet? can he wipe his own AZZ? He is the one that is constantly talking about no one likes him. One thing about the 3 before him (especially President Obama) they never worried about there who liked them. They did their jobs and could careless. He needs too run this country and stop tarring it down. He has made America the laughingstock of the.

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