Pug Dog Hawaiian Shirt

Pug Dog Hawaiian Shirt

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Pug Dog Hawaiian Shirt

stripe of pasta, subs, and entrees like chicken marsala.

Popular picks: Pizza, of course: Your only decision is whether you want a slice or a whole pie. And if a 16-inch pizza seems like too much of an indulgence for one, remember, it’s thin crust. You’ve got this.

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WilmingtonEvery day at family-run Casey’s is another chance to loosen that belt a notch or two thanks to endless barbecue pork, chitlins, pan-fried okra, pig feet, and too many other homestyle Southern favorites to list. The restaurant also has an extensive to-go menu, plus it caters events.

Popular picks: “I don’t even like sweet potato casserole and I could eat my weight in theirs,” raves one reviewer. Other favorites: fried chicken and all of the many cobblers.

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FargoKroll’s, open since 1969, is a classic American diner with a German accent: Whether you want comfort food in the form of sauerkraut or sandwiches, they have you covered. It’s also easy on the wallet, with lunch specials like patty melts, burgers, BLTs, and biscuits and gravy available for under $6 with the purchase of a drink.

Popular picks: Affectionately called the “lumpy yellow soup,” Knoephla soup is made from a chicken and potato base, with dumplings thrown in for extra heartiness.

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Camp DennisonIf you’ve ever had a hankering for a family-style meal served up in a Civil War-era classroom, head to The Schoolhouse just outside Cincinnati. The menu is scrawled on the blackboard and features stick-to-your-ribs fare like corn fritters, fried green tomatoes, meatloaf and ham. A lazy Susan on each table makes sharing easier.



Pug Dog Hawaiian Shirt
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