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Pug Ew People Coronavirus Hoodie

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Too many of your posts are making me tear up lately. Appreciate your genuine, down to earth personality very much – oh, and your writing skill. Born in Dover Ohio, 1952, such similar upbringings. But a lot of us say that, which is kind of sweet. Have a happy day! As the parent of two teachers and one school counselor and mother in law to an Intervention Specialist I say AMEN to this ! They are already being asked to put their lives on the line to protect their students from school intruders … now they are being asked to not only put their own lives on the line but those of their families due to Covid 19. And, they still hold bake sales and penny wars in their classrooms to buy extras for their students . Bless every one of them for their devotion and courage. This is an awesome story.. Thank you.. yes, there were great teachers and then there were awful teachers.. Thanks for being one of the former! What a lucky youngster you were to have had a teacher like this! She was one of the special women in your life who helped make you who you are today. Count your blessings. Thank you for this! I will do as directed, show up, teach, wear my mask, do my best, for “my” kids, but I am scared and I hope our administrators make good decisions. I am a retired elementary special ed teacher and I am so distressed about the possibility of these schools opening up. This is occurring in my own county. So many innocent students and staff members put needlessly at risk. My heart hurts. Everyone has special teacher memories. I wonder if teachers have any idea how many they impact for their whole lives. I was a teacher and can only hope some of my students still think of me. Thank you, Connie. I had such teachers. I tried to be such a teacher to as many kids as I could over my 30 year career. I appreciate your understanding of what teaching and teachers are really all about.

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