Bigfoot Tropical Hawaiian shirt

Bigfoot Tropical Hawaiian shirt

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You could go to church like that and be welcome. I wouldn’t ever choose to wear that to church. desde los 12 años me enseñaron a usar camisa Blanca y corbata y afeitarme, por eso no estoy de acuerdo con el comentario del Sr. Steward. I am with you on that. You and I will wear the attire you describe. If others don’t, though, we’ll still love them and welcome them. I think our previous prophet said something like, “we need more people coming to church with holes in their clothes, looking disheveled, making the lost sheep feel more welcome.” They will still dress with a tie and suit for church meetings and going to the temple.
“All elders will continue to wear a white shirt and tie and, in some areas, a suit coat when attending the temple, Sunday worship services, leadership and zone conferences, missionary training centers, baptismal services and other church meetings.” sir it is a matter of respecting the Lord’s Prophet and Living Apostles. Basic truth is they are the ones placed in those positions by The Lord and work under His direction. If you are having a difficult time accepting this change, may I suggest that you humble yourself and approach Our Father in prayer, with a humble and sincere heart and ask if Russell M. Nielson is still The Lord’s prophet. If he is, then discussion is done. we as Father’s children have the promise and the right to receive a witness through prayer. Even if we have before. I have heard Russell M. Nielson talk and his wife. I know he is The Lord’s prophet at this time and his dear wife is a perfect companion. As I listened to her explain how he received revelation and communication from The Lord, I could picture her as Emma Smith explaining how the Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr received communication and revelation from The Lord. It melted my heart with love. I love you brother.

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