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Where will they find substitute teachers when the teachers are out sick? I think someone should ask Berger if he’s willing to sign up to sub. And as for supplies, thermometers, sanitizer, etc—when the school can’t provide it because of lack of funds, we (teachers) will end up purchasing it. That it, assuming it’s even available to BE purchased. I live in Ct. we wear masks everywhere we go. It is helping the whole cause!! Do I believe children should go to school? Not if they can’t social distance and wear masks ( which I know is hard). But online isn’t the best either This is a very hard decision for the states schools and parents Blythe Biddle-cook , I am kidding !!! I was the one that called his office!!! It is a very hard decision, and the ones forcing full entry on 8/17 are clueless and taking NO responsibility or accountability for the ramifications of not thinking things through. Education is the most important thing for sooo many kids. Not just the education itself but all the relationships it provides. Steady, loving adult relationships. What a bunch of asshats. I work in education and my coworkers are stressed to the max. That staff member in Berger’s office is clearly very clueless about how bussing works at the district and school level. Per usual, those on the front lines would have to figure out how to fix a mess created by Berger. But in all due respect, I was pleasantly surprised to see him wearing a mask on Wednesday!
It’s unfortunate though that Danny Britt has criticized Senate colleagues on Facebook. Does he not know that in some professions he would be called into the HR office for doing that? But I will still offer my thoughts and prayers on his behalf.

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