Quarantined with my cats face mask

Quarantined with my cats face mask

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I caught a glimpse before the link went down. It seems their statistics were comparing apples and oranges. Not that it’s easy to tell lethality of COVID-19 based on statistics at hand, but they were giving chances of dying of flu vs dying of COVID-19. On the one hand, regular flu numbers for lethality and infection rate are pretty well vetted. But in the case of COVID-19, the results so far have been affected to an unknown degree by the extreme social distancing and economic shutdown. To say it’s lethality is equivalent to flu based on 2 months of COVID-19 death numbers just seems too much like cherry picking facts to play statistics with. Social distancing does not effect the death *rate* for any illness. This is what sooo many people don’t understand. A virus doesn’t become more or less deadly for the average host unless it mutates. If comparing flu to Covid-19, I’m curious how flu vaccines balance the equation. Imagine a Covid-19 outbreak with a vaccine available to communities. How would the lethality compare? The point is that opposing the lockdown is a perfectly legitimately exercise of freespeech, and it is too outrageous for words that Silicon Valley pink fascist group think is now dictating to the entire country what opinions we are entitled or not entitled to hear. This is far, FAR more dangerous than Covid-19.

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