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We respect life and must do what we are able to. I trust THIS POTUS to make the right call for the CITIZENS who need basic health & security support right now. I support this decision! I like where your heart is Mr. President. Never forget October 23, 1983. The 241 Marines and 64 French Service members who Died in Beirut Barracks Bombing during Peace Keeping Ops in Lebanese Civil War. Perpetrators – Hezbolah along with Iranian and Syrian Involvement. Make (HCQ) and zinc available to all older citizens, the ones in assistant living and citizens with health issues. Help prevent Americans from getting sick. We can’t even find zinc on the shelves. Please keep us save. Love you and the work you are doing. Thank you. I am thrilled that you can send so much help to Beirut..but how about all of the Americans that have no money or food because of your virus??? You care more about foreigners than you do for the Citizens of your own country. Sending money to the corrupt leaders of Lebanon sounds like something you would do…this money will not go to those who need it..They will use it to line their own pockets..just as you do.. November can not come soon enough… You are doing an amazing job. Does anyone ever tell you that? Well, you are. I think most people see it. I hope they all vote in November IN PERSON!

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