Damn right I am a Redskins fan Now and forever shirt, hoodie, tank top

Damn right I am a Redskins fan Now and forever hoodie

Buy it now: Damn right I am a Redskins fan Now and forever shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Sponsorship is important in modern times but the game would not exist without the supporters. ALL the owners should realize before making drastic changes to their franchise that NONE of them would wish to see their teams play in an empty stadium. Collectively fans still have power. Boycott ticket sales and merchandising and see how long it takes for the owner to change his mind. what I would have done once Nike pulled out was to call Adidas, Reebok, Puma. Get new sponsors!!! And I am shocked Fedex field followed ( what’s that say if one person jumps off the bridge are you going to too??? ) b/ c it’s been known for years DC wants the Redskins back…. so now they will just move back to DC= loss of Redskins income! Janice Marie You sound like some cold war fossil that crawled out from under a rock. Climb back under your cold war rock boomer, you all are irrelevant and politically uneducated morons who do not even know what communism is. Ya..well..the NFL conduct policy is a difference joke. They can beat their girlfriends, kill dogs, do drugs and so on and get a slap on the wrist…now this cave in for money. So sick of it and my last straw. Ive spent too much on tickets and jerseys to deal with this drama. No respect for fans anymore! boycott by the 100s of thousands lol. What do you think boycotts are? They make an impact on the wallet. What do you think the sponsors did? They boycotted. You dont say to them oh FedEx how brave, oh Nike how brave. Lmfao you are a joke. corporate dollars are coming in without regard to participating fan support. Ticket sales are one thing – fans giving up seats will be replaced by others, yes, but merchandise is a different animal altogether. The NFL makes a significant amount of its revenue through product merchandising via exclusive partnerships with product vendors to sell team merchandise. If consumers stop buying product from an individual team, these partnerships will suffer if not fail and ultimately will not be renewed or, in some cases, be cancelled outright.

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