Vote Removes Stubborn Orange Stains shirt, hoodie, tank top

Vote Removes Stubborn Orange Stains hoodie

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Congratulations to the young man who took action!! I have children and grandchildren with asthma, and had this happened to them, I would have been very grateful for this young mans quick action! Obviously he understood the severity of an asthma attack!! Geez, calm down everyone. The man is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. Everything he does is scrutinized. Everyone thinks they could do a better job. This is getting old. We are a culture of “know it all’s “now. We elected him to do this job, so be happy we have a president for once that IS working! As an American Lebanese citizen I ask you to punish and hold all of the corrupted Lebanese politicians responsible and accountable for the explosion. Thank you for Mr president for supporting my people and you got my vote again. I posted same thing yesterday. I’m not a Trump fan at all but definitely not a Democrat anymore either but this poor guy can’t catch a damn break. The media hangs on every damn breath this man takes. I would love to see someone else jump in his shoes in the middle of all this BS and see if they can do better. The economy is not his fault Covid is not his fault. These ppl are evil. There are so many other things to focus on in the media. Like homelessness hunger anything. They are obsessed with this poor man. Ok maybe his terminology is a bit rough and maybe not so well spoken but he calls it as he sees it. He has definitely gained my respect for this election the first president to do what he promised to when he was running for President. All the others just lie!!! He has done more for this country than any other president, even with the dumbacrats fighting him every step of the way!

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