Strong Resilient Indigenous shirt, hoodie, tank top

Strong Resilient Indigenous hoodie

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I want my black, brown, olive skinned bruhs to feel like an equal. Therefore, if I commit a lawless deed, I’m willing to submit myself to authorities… same as I expect others to. Self responsibility does not neglect accountability. Freedom, that. Just say no to inequality under the laws of the land. This is the first time I heard all of the speech . I had only heard it on a couple media sites.They took it and chopped it up to make the President look bad! Equal justice under the law must mean “that all Americans” receive equal treatment at all meetings …
Not only AMERICA, but also in all corners of the world “because we are all flowers the same garden nobody is made of iron here, we are all made of clay.
We have a concrete example of a significant thing capable of awakening the awareness of “poorly shaped human being”. Typical trump talk. Where’s the ACTION? Is the justice department going to start engaging in police reform? If not, this is just like anything else you do – all talk until the next problem hits and people forget about this. So, you will go to jail for all crimes, you committed against all American People and Democracy, mr. President?
We will thinking about you, just stay in jail, for life, if possible. The practice of terrorism and repression against the demonstrators, Mr. Trump, will not help you … You should have listened to the people since the first day of the killing of George Floyd .. But you have persevered, are stubborn, and stand against the aspiration of the American people in equality and justice .. Now you are a president uttered by a majority The people … only enjoy the support of a minority of exploiters and owners of big companies .. You were indeed the worst president in the history of the United States .. This is what we will remember. Go after the Democrats: Pelosi Schumer, Waters, Schiff, Hillary, Comey et al and I’ll believe in equal justice. Unfortunately, if normal citizens black or white did what they did we would under the jail. Love all that you are doing and fully support Trump but those idiots are getting away with murder and mayhem just because the consider themselves royalty.

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